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October 14, 2010 / mashappiness

hello world!

I hope here to share some gems of wisdom, encouragement, love and goodness in our efforts to simply be happy. The writer Alain de Botton shares in an interview his thought that happiness is made up of moments not vast stretches. It’s hard to be happy for more than half an hour at the time, he says. I personally, have been happy for more than half an hour at a time, but I do get a sense of what he shares. I find that moments of restlessness and unease are the dominant emotions of the daily life of many. The possibility of ushering in more moments of happiness is quite appealing.

I do not believe that it is impossible to be happy at every moment. It seems life simply does not work that way. In life we have our challenges, complications and even deep moments of pain and suffering. No one I know has been able to find a way around this experience. Still, if we can find ways to increase moments of happiness, this I believe is quite possible. Efforts to decrease much of our suffering and struggle, this is a journey worth beginning, and it is what we hope to experiment with here.

Many of us live in societies that encourage intellectual attainment, bright and creative endeavors, professional achievement and we live with various social pressures. What does it all mean, or what good is it if we are unable be happy in the most basic and ordinary ways?

With time one may discover that worldly position and possession have little to do with happiness or healthy relationships. Many people are more lonely and confused than ever before. Perhaps it is time to sincerely try something new, more of a lifestyle transformation which includes efforts to live more harmoniously, peacefully, lovingly and beautiful. It takes time but the effort is worth it, for I do believe beauty is a just reward.

How to get to happy? I would imagine there are a number of elements that contribute to happiness, and each of us has access to this fountain of possibilities. There is much that is true to the idea that well being begins from within. The treasures we have within all of us are our highest blessings, which bloom and multiply when we can share in community and love.  When we can journey toward a kind of hope and enthusiasm for life, happiness is increased. Know that we are not small, and we are not helpless. We are vast and we have everything we need to succeed.

So from today let us resolve to fill our minds and hearts with tools, teachings and ideas of love, beauty, kindness and peace, as corny as it sounds. These elements contribute vastly to happiness and well being. Experiments with happiness to inspire us to become who we truly are, which includes who we love and how we like to spend our precious time.  A place where we pursue our most wanted desire to discover the true meaning of happiness…inside. This is the Happiness Experiment.

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