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October 14, 2010 / mashappiness

a simple beginning

We so often speak of peace on earth and peace within. Is it even possible? Is it a question, perhaps for the ages? For those of us who are still interested in the good fight, what are some ways we can begin to think about moving in the direction of peace? The wisdom teachings tell us peace begins within. And with time, the outer is touched. I suppose we’ve all heard this one before. But for those of us who wrestle with a kind of restlessness, discontent and lack of meaning in life, shall we begin with efforts for peace within ourselves. One important and incredibly helpful tool is a kind of meditation early in the morning before we enter into the hustle and bustle of modern day society. If we can take some moments (perhaps ten or fifteen minutes) to meditate or say a prayer, or perhpas get quiet and bring one’s mind into positive thoughts…  these moments can fortify us upon entering the hustle and bustle of the day, and get us ready to begin the day. This, I believe, will strengthen us and give a kind of energy and enthusiasm. Not unlike a nutritious breakfast, which gives energy and gets us off on a positive way to begin the day.

A kind of peace and steadiness are like divine friends within us. they eagerly accompany and support us along our daily journeys if we can evoke them before we leave the house. Then we can go outside with a bit more peace than perhaps we would have had had we not taken a few moments summon some peace and good vibes for ourselves.

Peace has its own particular power. If we are powerful and strong, then the restlessness of the world has less of an advantage to torture us. But if we are weak and lack inner peace, naturally we will be overwhelmed by the restlessness and undivine qualities of our external surroundings.

A few moments to yourself, gathering your thoughts before beginning your day, can help in maintaining the sense of well being you already possess.

Beginning meditations suggestions…

  • Having a seat on your chair or cushion, sitting up as straight as possible, yet comfortable.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Allow your mind to become mindful of your breathing, how you breath goes in and out, softly.
  • Allow your breath to move freely through your body, sharing a sense of calm and ease.
  • And as you breathe, your gentle breath expands your capacity for the opening of your body, heart and mind allowing calm and ease to enter in.
  • Suggested time for this simple meditation, ten or fifteen minutes, or the time you have to give whole heartedly is quite perfect as well (smile).

Great spiritual teachings in every age offer many tools to help us in our efforts for being well and whole. A simple meditation is a wonderful way to begin the day!

above photo from yoga journal a wonderful magazine which includes teachings on yoga and well being in general. do visit if and when you have a moment!

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