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October 15, 2010 / mashappiness

inner strength

there are many who have a kind of inner strength and power. when it manisfests in a positive and beneficial manner, it’s inspiring. some of us want to get to an inner strength, poise and power. it helps to find and/or develope this so that we can move more freely in our efforts to be authentically ourselves. it is by being truly ourselves, not what we have been brainwashed to believe or improperly convinced we should be that we get to an increased joy. getting back to who we are, before we were talked out of it is the goal. there we will find more joy and a sense of well being.i like very much the idea of taking the time and pleasure to discover who we really are in truth. i think of the innocence and beauty of children…

i searched and read a bit more on inner strength this morning and found that it is very much associated with power. power was described as the poise of one’s inner being, one’s soul. powerful action is the result of inner poise. imagine a kind of inner strength and power to live in connection to your heart. this, i believe, is connected to increasing happiness. what do you think?

it takes time, it’s a process to touch our heart’s again. prayer and meditation are helpful tools on this journey. or perhaps taking a bit of time, quietly each day to connect with self, and listen to what your heart says. i like to sit in a bit of sunlight on the sheep’s meadow in central park, warm, while my thoughts present themselves. talk with well meaning friends, who hold your dreams and best interests in their very hearts. reading (intelligent stuff, not crap:) is fun-damental as well. it opens the mind and heart in beneficial ways. … and when ready and stronger, actually taking action in connection to the stuff we love. it’s quite beautiful, the stuff of the heart. …there are different paths to self…

the soul has power beyond your imagination. ~sri chinmoy

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