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October 18, 2010 / mashappiness

the very first two posts of this site took a moment to edit. it is what i am doing now while sipping some hot tea. i find it enjoyable! i cruised a few blogs this morning to see what folks are up to and to get some ideas on creating a ‘successful blog.’ i find the amount of blogs and information available overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time. though overwhelmed with information, the topics themselves can be exciting and i’m interested in learning…

it does get me to thinking that we have to choose what we love and like. it’s not possible to sip from every cup, is it? not only do we miss out on really getting into something and enjoying it, but i imagine as well that we are unable to properly absorb such a vast amount of information. so we must choose, at least from moment to moment. that is choose with heart where, what and with whom we want to share ourselves with.  might be something beneficial to keep in mind as the blessing of our days tick by…

i believe (please let me know if i am mistaken) the above photo is from the wonderful blog of pia jane bijkerk. i am often inspired by her blog and projects!

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