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November 2, 2010 / mashappiness

Simple Pleasures

 I was speaking with a dear friend about something I read by Henri Nouwen, a wonderful Catholic priest, writer, thinker and humanitarian. In one of his essays he writes about how we deny ourselves. We deny who we are, all that God has created us to be, our gifts and abilities… and it is in this denial we move away from who we truly are. In this movement away from our true selves, we move into unhappiness.

I surprised myself when I used Carrie Bradshaw’s love of shoes as an example… but hey how can one question how our mind works. It’s not a profound nor immaterial example, but I’ll use a simple example to make a more profound point, I hope. I went on to say, if a girl loves shoes, why deny herself this pleasure. These are little things, and the joy they bring is a little sweet pleasure.

I used to talk myself out of the little things that bring me pleasure. I’d find a reasonable explanation as to why I should not indulge in that sweet thing that brings me to smile. For example, I can reason how high heels are torture on a girl’s feet… so stay clear. But there are a number of girl’s that just adore pretty shoes. It brings a kind of fun, pleasure and appeal that should not be denied. It’s an innocent indulgence. I think of my aunt who was always in heels as a young woman. A girl coming of age in the sixties, a pencil skirt and high heels were her uniform. She loved her pretty things and pretty perfumes.

So why deny ourselves? Let’s move closer to who we are, and no longer talk ourselves out of the stuff that brings us to smile. I say, if it’s safe and doesn’t hurt anyone… indulge and have fun!! Non?

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