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November 3, 2010 / mashappiness

The Time Before

This morning the invisible is on my mind. the idea of how what is unseen in its own time comes to be visible. I think of when we were before… conceived in our mommies womb. I confess that i know almost nothing of this time, this time before. Still think of how interesting the idea is, there was a moment in time before, and then we were conceived. after nine months we were born. This morning I’m intrigued about what simply is that is unseen yet. One of the reasons why I am thinking of this is simply thoughts of our potential; what you and I are capable of… our gifts and abilities…  That it is in the expression of our potential that we find a kind of joy and love. It has been my biggest dream to be a writer and teacher. For such a long time I have not had the ‘perfect slant of light,’ so much was missing, where I could not realise my dream, or so I thought. To make a long story short, it has taken a long time to move towards a kind of peace. getting past family drama, societal pressures which bring unhappiness, getting out of the way of other people’s stuff. And I feel like I am moving closer to who I truly am; a writer and a teacher. In this I feel a kind of contentment. Of course the journey continues. I am curious about what’s inside of me, now that I can get past the stumbling blocks and have a strength and awareness to be myself and do what brings me joy, like writing. And thank you for reading and allowing me to share. It is a pleasure. Those moments before… what happens inside which gives life to what becomes, what is visible. Just you dear reader, take care… with love and care, nurture yourself and love yourself so that you, and I, we, can experience and express in our daily lives peace and contentment… to simply enjoy our days…

  • For further reading if you like, pop in on Eric Butterworth. In the mornings when I have time, I make a nice cup of tea and read his daily messages. Indeed they are long(ish) and it takes a moment to take in his profoundness, but it is worth it. I especially learn to move from lack to abundance. In this space I like to share gems of wisdom, various faiths and philosophies. In my education and readings I have learned that many philosophies and faith traditions share meaningful and wise ideas and teachings. I find no harm in simply seeing what seems to make sense, and the rest simply let it go. Have you any thoughts on the above idea?

Enjoy and let us see a bit more of who you really are today:)!

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