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December 3, 2010 / mashappiness

Turning Points

I saw a film the other day titled The Turning Point. I just love it when I stumble upon a film, anything really, that I had never heard of and find it fantastically beautiful, as this film is. It introduces Mikael Baryshnikov (Can you imagine?!). It is a film about a two women who were both ballet dancers in their youth. One woman continues her career and goes on to great fame and glamour. The other woman chooses to have her baby she found herself pregnant with when her career was just beginning as a dancer, thus ending her career. Both women ponder the road not chosen and what it means for them in their life as well as what could have been. It’s a fine film, beautiful, complicated and compelling.

One of the things I discovered or re-discovered is that life is truly a journey which requires grace and patience. Rarely is it all one thing and nothing more. It is full of challenges and frustrations as well as deep moments of accomplishment and satisfaction, and in its complexity, it requires a grace and patience to navigate our days.

I also remembered that we can not only appreciate the accomplishments and success of another, we can celebrate them. We are mistaken if we believe that because another has gained we lose. Wrong. First, our journeys are so entirely different, what applies to one does not apply to all. Second, as on the day you were born, now and forever, life has its very own blessings and goodies for you. I find for myself, the thing is to stop looking at and comparing myself with another. The secret to seeing more and more clearly the goodies in my own life is to sit down with my very own self and stuff, see me for who I am, and all that I am will begin to emerge. We do it for people we love in our lives, we can appreciate them and their journey wholly and enthusiastically. It would be a great gift if we were to do that for ourselves as well. There is a loveliness in it that is to be enjoyed.

Our friends too can remind us of just how fantastic we ourselves are. A dear friend asked me if I could write a poem for her. I obliged because I love her, not because I think of myself as a fantastic poet. But, while writing words and ideas, a particular rhythm and beauty is finding its way into the words I am discovering in this poem that I am writing. I am surprised and enjoying this thing about myself, that my friend could see all along. Our friends can do this for us as well… and too we can do it for another. These turning points, moments in life when we choose or are choosen, are journeys in their very own right which require us to show up fully with all that we are, and see where it takes us…

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