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December 19, 2010 / mashappiness

Black Swan


Last night I saw the film Black Swan. Hmmm, would I recomend it? I’m not sure if I liked it. This morning I read a review by the film critic Joe Morgenstern, who’s critique I so often adore. Again what he had to say seemed true for me. The whole psychological thriller stuff gets boring. For me it does nothing… it is only affect. We go on a ride with the character to see where what seems fascinating will end up, and in the end… it is a sound and fury synifying nothing. I love in movie-going to have an experience, to leave the theatre thinking; having something to ponder, to consider or even to luxuriate in, should it be simply a rush of the experience of beauty. Sophia Coppola is brilliant at beautiful film making.

Like Joe Morgenstern shares, still… anytime we can spend time enjoying the talent, ability and beauty of Natalie Portman, so often it is worth the trip. So maybe I do recommend the film. Barbara Hershey, who plays what turns out to be the spooky mother is also quite enjoyble to watch. Vincent Cassel and Winona Ryder, did what they showed up to work to do, very good and solid performances. The actors did their jobs quite splendidly. It is in my opinion the whole shock and awe of the premise of the film that in the end means little that is disappointing.

That said, a young woman, ballet dancer, coming of age, finding herself, digging deep and experiencing herself in perfection was not lost on me. I get that and appreciate that part as well. Watching the film reminded me so much of my twenties. A time when I, like many young ladies did not know myself, appreciate and value myself as I so much should have. As a result people abuse you and take advantage of you in the most humiliating and painful ways. A sheroes journey… where a lady embarks on a path to find her way back to herself is so much a part of all of our lives. That is very much what I wish to share in this space of where we endeavor to increase happiness and well being. That path we take where unknowingly we endeavor to find a peace and love within ourselves that helps us to protect ourselves from the harmful and painful behavior that others are incredibly willing to share.  Also, to protect us from ourselves and our very own self destructive behavior. As Maya Angelou so often shares, when we know better, we do better. That is the hope and the idea.

Indeed beauty is abundant and of plenty and can flourish simply when we learn to take care of ourselves. Stay away from the stuff that haunts and hurts us, and too stay out of our own way… and fill the spaces we inhabit as well as our days with that which strengthens us, builds us up and allows us to be and bloom…

have a peak at the film here

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