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December 30, 2010 / mashappiness

to pretend is to know oneself


To pretend is to know oneself… Fernando Pessoa

I watched a music special last night on television of Katy Perry last night. One could say her music is teeny bopper indeed, at the same time she’s quite good. At 25 she’s crystal clear about what she wants in life, or so it seems. It’s a gift and a blessing in my opinion. At 25 I was trying to figure out how to breathe, how to find myself. I’m still not clear about much… but I’m so much better about it all than I used to be. And though much is not crystal clear, (if it ever is I don’t know) still there is much that is… clearer.

As the New Year approaches it seems only natural that we think of and dream of what new and beneficial things we can do in the future to bring more meaning and beauty into our lives. I think of some lovely goodies and changes I would like to bring into my life. I rest here in the blessings and goodies I have right now. I often remind friends too, to count the stuff we got right this year. There is something about taking account of the good stuff that I think grounds us, blesses us and adds good karma for the coming days.

The above photo is from Katy Perry’s teenage dream album. It’s cute and lovely. Reminding me of the sweet fun pleasure in life that we can indulge in. Her whole way of being reminds me also of the fun, excitement and joy of being a girly girl, no matter what the age. To dream and hope and move more and more into who we dream ourselves to be.

I’m wishing for a sweet wonderful New Year to you dear Reader…

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