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January 4, 2011 / mashappiness

Simple Steps Toward Our Dreams and Goals

Happy New Year!! May this be a year of joy and prosperity and all around well being for us all. I have been excited, I must admit about a number of things for this new beginning. Normally I am not one to make resolutions for the New Year. I have absolutely nothing against it, it is just for some reason I have never been one to make resolutions. It may have something to do with the idea that I have not been one to make plans. I was a very much live life as best I can and things will work out. I imagine there is something to this idea. There is much that has it’s time and place.

There have been a few things that I have wanted to accomplish for a number of years now that have not happened and I ask myself why. You may have had a similar situation? If not, lucky you!! I am now coming to understand, at least for myself, that if I fail to plan, then I plan to fail as the saying goes. I have come over time to understand that perhaps it would be helpful to set goals and along with setting goals to figure out actions that would help me to achieve these goals.

I am writing this wondering if any of these understandings that I have recently come to might be helpful to you. Or perhaps you figured this out a long time ago and can share here, leave a comment as to how you approach achieving your goals, your dreams, getting to what you love in life.

So what I have learned is to get clear (and that also takes thinking about what we hope to have or achieve or experience) about what we want. Write it down as a goal or dream or something that we want to achieve. Then, get clear about how to begin to get to this goal or dream, simply how to achieve it.

I think many of us know about these ideas. Following might be some very important helpful things to know and understand to help us in achieving the goals we have set for ourselves. I resonated as truth, when I heard Dr. Phil talking about on the new Oprah Winfrey Network that it is incredibly helpful to make a list of priorities, things we want to achieve (there are lots of names for saying ‘what we want.’). And to work to achieve our goals. The thing is we so often, I know I do, spend our time and energy on so many other things, which may be less important, with the idea that we will get to what is most important. I do this often, the time passes and my/our dreams go unattained. Dr. Phil advises to treat our priorities as priority. When we find ourselves devoting our time and energy to other things that are not at the top of our list, to stop doing that at get back to number 1.

Another very helpful thing to know and understand is that it is very beneficial to set small attainable goals. The idea is to get to what we want ultimately, but in small attainable steps. This was wonderful for me to learn from an interview I saw with Dr. Ian K Smith.  As I learn that for many of us it is difficult to just do it! it is difficult for us to take one step and do what we want to do. It is more reasonable to take small steps toward our goals. This is more doable and less prone to failure. In this slow and steady progression, our habits, hearts and minds have a chance to change as well. As a result we are able to make more lifestyle changes that will help us to reach our goals and to maintain them for the rest of our lives. Quite often when we have a sudden change our hearts and mind don’t have the chance to catch up, and we can fall back into old habits.

So the idea is to make small goals which makes it easier and more likely to achieve, and to keep setting them towards our ultimate goals. We then have the chance to settle into a new way of thinking, behaving and living, that will benefit us as we make efforts to make the changes in our lives that we dream of…

We will open a book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first page is New Year’s Day. ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

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