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February 22, 2011 / mashappiness

Your First Kiss


Inspired by a tweet by the lovely La Vie Sucree, I ran across a sweet video by StyleCaster. Persons telling about their first kiss. I get all warm and fuzzy being reminded of my first kiss. To tell the truth I mostly remember holding hands for the first time with a boy. It was in first grade. The girls had to assemble in one line, and the boys in another. I had a crush on James Powell so I counted where he was in the boy’s line and I got in line in the same spot in the girl’s line so that I could hold his hand. I still remember that feeling of delight when we first held hands. I don’t think he realised I had such a crush on him. He had no idea the whole deal was planned just so I could hold his hand.

…hmmm? My first kiss ironically I don’t remember. There was a time that came after when I was a teenager and a boy wanted to kiss me and I wanted to kiss him, so we kissed. He asked me to open my mouth, what we on this side of the pond call french kissing. I asked why would anyone want to do something like that? So funny to think of that now.

And your first kiss… do you remember? Care to tell?

Have a look at this video on first kisses… it’s the cutest thing…


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  1. Susu Paris Chic / Feb 25 2011 1:14 pm

    My first kiss was probably somewhere between twelve and thirteen. It must have been exciting. Like opening a whole new door into a whole new world. Even today I try to live like this “realizing the little, once-in-a-lifetime experiences” around me. Every day.

    • mashappiness / Mar 5 2011 12:57 am

      dear Susu, what a wonderful point… we do get those ‘once in a life time’ experiences more often than we think. it is a good idea to take of them as the little gifts that they are. sweet!

  2. fashiontitbits / Mar 3 2011 8:52 pm

    Oh, how did I manage to miss your post? Your blog is on every list I have got! Anyway… Before I go off to watch the sweetest video…
    My very first kiss was such a silly thing! 🙂 I was coming home from school and saw this boy, a brother of my classmate, playing outside. I was 8 and he was 7. As soon as he noticed me he stopped playing with his friends and run to me. He took my school bag and said he would accompany me to my flat. As soon as we got inside the building he stopped and said that he has to go right now and then suddenly leaned towards me and gave me a kiss. I was shocked and angry! 🙂 Next morning I told the boys in my class about that naughty boy and the kiss accident, so the boys decided to protect me and walked me home after school for a few days, just in case. :))) Makes me smile every time i think about it. I bet it looked quite adorable…

    • mashappiness / Mar 5 2011 12:55 am

      Ooo what a cute story… so incredibly funny how thiese things unfold. another good thing is that it is totally memorable. i guess he had a crush on you for a while and thought to kiss and walk with you the best way his little 7 year old self knew how. very sweet! thanks a big bunch for popping in. your presence adds so positively to my blog. have a wonderful weekend!

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