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March 5, 2011 / mashappiness

Wish Her Safe At Home

Sweet pleasures in reading! I am beginning a novel titled Wish Her Safe At Home. I am in the first pages and already I am luxuriating in the lovely language. It reminds me of a romantic time in the distant past. I haven’t given myself the proper time to disconnect from telephone and internet and television. I spent some time today disconnected from it all, being quiet, napping, reading, drawing… recharging me batteries. We need this don’t we sometime…

The weekend is here and I am thinking of you. Hoping you are being sweet to yourself, whatever your mood, quiet and solitary all cosy at home, or out on the town with people you like and love… Enjoy!!

One of the lines from the novel I am reading is: …alter my rememberance of powdered softness; of wistful gazing into dark corners;

what a line… how do these lovely writers do it?! … sending hugs for a lovely weekend!!


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  1. Susu Paris Chic / Mar 6 2011 4:21 pm

    I imagine you right now, at this very moment. I wonder what sweet little thing you are up to. You read, and then produce your own magic. We admire and cheer you on… sweet friend!

    • mashappiness / Mar 7 2011 9:15 pm

      Your words are a sheer delight! Merci beacoup! I am enjoying the book and the language and the phrasing of words are quite lovely… it does remind me of a time gone by. I wonder if it makes sense to continue to try to re-create a beauty where it takes time to read and be in good company and things of this nature. or are these indulgences a thing of the past. Perhaps it is up to each one to choose what they like and love… just pondering:).

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