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March 15, 2011 / mashappiness

let life happen to you


let life happen to you. life is in the right, always. ~rilke

this message was especially delivered by a dear friend. for quite sometime now i thought to allow life to happen. what do i mean by this? well, i have come to notice how controlling i can be. i want things just so. while i am trying to control and orchestrate, i have realised the wonderful and beautiful opportunities i have missed. i missed them because they were not what i had in mind. what had happened was… when i did get what i wanted, so often it was not good for me. when i open my eyes to what life presents… it’s more of a gift.

how do we know the difference from the harmful stuff that presents itself, and allowing life to happen. it really is like apples and oranges. we open our eyes, see what is present and consider for a moment if it is beneficial to us and our lives. the tricky thing is that it could be a surprise. simply because we have not thought of it, we haven’t imagined it, does not mean it is not a good idea… a blessing. the stuff that hurts, sometimes it’s quite clear and we answer no to this. sometimes it is not clear, we think on it, we pray on it if we are in the habit of prayer, and with time we will know. no such thing as not making mistakes, that’s how we learn too. but at the same time, we try not to make the mistake of saying no to our gifts… sometimes they are not imagined… a sweet surprise.


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  1. fashiontitbits / Mar 16 2011 11:32 am

    Sometimes I think it’s not just because we don’t notice things, but rather because there are other people/circumstances preventing us from doing so…. And that’s the circumstances/people that turn our “must keep things under control” button on. Still, I never stop trying in hope to achieve a perfect harmony filled with tiny surprising moments of pure infectious joy… x

    • mashappiness / Mar 16 2011 9:18 pm

      I’m happy you wrote what you wrote. I can see how it has been both situations for me. What I mean is, I did not notice these gifts and surprises in my life as they did not appear as I had imagined. All at the same time I have had people in my life making strong efforts to keep me from what I want, so that I can do what they want me to do. Your message helps me to remember this. In the pain and confusion I have missed some important opportunities. Thanks for sharing your point, it is so important. It’s exciting not to give up, learning more and being more and more open to “infectious joy.” Your words are profound…

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