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March 30, 2011 / mashappiness

game time courage (with heart)

I’m a big basketball fan. John Stockton, pictured on right, is retired but I just love ‘im. I thought of something the other day, yesterday, really. I screwed up on an opportunity. A lot things did not work out at the same time and I missed a nice opportunity. I was a bit down, and after stewing in it for a while, talking with a friend, then watching a basketball game, it came to me…. nothing is perfect, not even me and my efforts. The basketball players put up a lot of shots, and most of them don’t go in. But the idea is to put up as many good shots that you can, and begin to build points. Instead of getting discouraged, I’ve got to get back in the game, keep trying. If I am making a good effort, staying with it, with good intentions, some good things will come of it. I forget that what we try to do, and sometimes we try so hard, that everything does not have to be perfect. Just to try with heart. With time something good will come of it, it always has…

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  1. fashiontitbits / Apr 2 2011 9:23 pm

    I know, many would say that I am talking rubbish, but I see “missed opportunities” as something that wasn’t meant to be. I know how bad it can make you feel right there and then as something you dream of/want badly slips away, but the truth is, if the dream is strong enough you will recover and make it true some day anyway, when it IS the right day for it to become real.
    And you are absolutely right that one should never give up trying and dreaming and doing her best to achieve the dream.

    P.S. Congrats on your new dress! 🙂


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