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June 2, 2011 / mashappiness

rhythm of life

i was thinking and remembering something today. remembering choices i have made that has resulted in unhappiness. it has taken a ‘long’ while to learn and realise, when i made those choices they were not even, at the time what i wanted. you see growing up in a way where my wants, desires and opinions were not respected or valued… i learned to do and choose what others wanted of me, even and quite often, especially when it was not what i wanted for myself. it amazes me to think that i thought somehow good or happiness could come from living life this way. (they say God fixes our mistakes)

‘when we know better we do better,’ says the wise and wonderful, sister friend and mentor to Oprah,  Maya Angelou. i am learning to say no to what i don’t want, and just as important, to say yes to what i do want. while i’m at it, let me add, that quite often the solution to a problem is not going over it over and over in our minds looking for a solution. quite often the solution is putting in it’s place what we want.

what i was reading today tells me that life has a particular rhythm, and when we are playing our own songs… and not someone elses, we create musical lives that are pleasing to ourselves and to all who dare to live in beauty… here is a quote from eric butterworth:

“Whether it may be through meditation or medication, is simply the attempt to stimulate the harmonious relations of the cells of the body and to get the system attuned to Life. Life is Beauty. Life is Harmony. Life is Rhythm. And… Life is all around us, we live in it and it lives through us… it is our milieu.

On a grandiose scale, we can watch the rhythmic movements of the planets around the sun. On a minute scale, we can examine the design of a snowflake through a microscope. In each case, we see harmony and beauty, pattern and rhythm, because this is Life… and “Life Is!” We are living in it and it is living through us.”

i’m wishing for you… a day filled with love & beauty & and lovely lyrics… hugs sweet You!

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