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September 26, 2011 / mashappiness

i’ve got a lot on my plate in the sweetest most precious way. it has been a while since i have written here (i notice that i keep saying that) so i had an idea. it is here too that i can find rest and comfort. i can talk about, we all can talk about what we are up to and how best to navigate the busyness in a way that inspires and comforts. i want to take care. there was a time when i was at a loss, asking myself what is it that i want to grow up to be, where do i want to live, how do i envision my life…? i’ve had these questions, and at the same time, to simply… just be. not to stress on, or fill my heart and mind with the idea of knowing when i simply did not know. a kind of living the questions. now… now that some things are more clear, and ideas are presenting themselves, i feel a bit overwhelmed. but i want to take care, as i am incredibly pleased with these new ideas. instead of getting overwhelmed and paralyzed, i am thinking to be care-full. that is to honor them and take care of them with care and love. these gifts, these presents that i have been wanting to get to… to be careful with my time and be loving as i tend to them. i wonder if it is much like a garden, with all the responsibilities in life, we are to be vigilant about tending to the flowers, fruits and vegetables in our life; that which nurtures and loves us and lends us pleasure. so with all that needs, asks for my attention, i am walking consciously and aware and saying my prayers as i am guided through this garden of the sweetest pleasures… how is it that you, dear reader, navigate the busyness of the everyday?

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