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September 28, 2011 / mashappiness

I find that I am turning a corner ‘easy does it‘ gets it done is something Julia Cameron says of the Artist’s Way. I want to take my time, listen for guidance, open to possibility and love… In my previous post I wrote about being busy, enjoying it and trying not to become overwhelmed. Prayer and meditation helps on this journey. I read a quote the other day. A friend of mine believes in ‘God Winks.’ For her, she finds that when she is on the right track she gets these signs of confirmation, some folks call it synchronicity…

Here’s the quote by Thomas Merton… It is the writings of Merton that inspired me to become a theologian. I just adore writing and reading and teaching about ways to touch Divine…

When I speak of the contemplative life I do not mean the institutional cloistered life, the organized life of prayer. I am talking about a special dimension of inner discipline and experience, a certain integrity and fullness of personal development, which are not compatible with a purely external, alienated, busy-busy experience. This does not mean that they are incompatible with action, with creative work, with dedicated love… Thomas Merton

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