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October 14, 2011 / mashappiness

The Best Students Get the Hardests Tests

I have been watching Oprah’s Life Class, tuning in each night for a new lesson, new insight and perspective. I was blown away by the idea of Author, Speaker and Spiritual Coach Iyanla Vanzant  (So good to see her back!), the best students get the hardest tests. When friends are in pain and through tears ask “Why is this happening to me?” I quite often don’t know what to say. I am pretty sure, that which hurts, is not prejudice in who it chooses, we all hurt at one time or another, or even often times in life. It does seem that some people have more than their share of pain, while others seem to float through life with very few kinks or set backs.

To the idea that bad things happen to good people, I’ll add painful things happen to almost all of us. The idea the best students get the hardest tests feels right. It’s just a feeling from what I’ve seen, or even to take it a step further, our life lessons present themselves everyday, and perhaps it is the better students who feel them and do not ignore them, as oppose to denying them, or pushing them down inside and not dealing with them. These students suffer through, seeking solutions as opposed to avoiding the pain. I would say this makes a good student, one who studies the material and seeks to live on into a solution, the sooner the better I would imagine, though we can’t rush these things.

Holding on to anger, resentment and pain is not a part of the solution. We have to remember to ask ourselves, do we want to be right, or do we want to be well? In seeking healing and wholeness, letting go of that which hurts us is a grand part of the getting better process, let it go! We don’t need it. And it allows space for wholeness, this too takes time, but let’s get about the business of healing and being whole and well. Our energy is shifted from that which drags us down, to that which is good for us, feels good in a positive sense, and is part of the answer to getting well. There is an old saying… I ain’t gon’ study war no more. This wisdom teaching reminds us to shift our focus from the problems to the solutions… this feels better, is more enjoyable, and simply is better for us. Efforts to be well and whole and feel good in a positive sense are simply cool!

Tune into Oprah’s Life Class for further enriching lessons… I’m enjoying!

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  1. mommymystic / Oct 14 2011 6:42 pm

    Wonderful overview of this lesson. I keep hearing about Oprah’s Lifeclass, and just wasn’t sure it was for me (let alone whether I had the time,) but it is sounding better and better. I do feel our most difficult experiences always do hold a lesson, and a possibility for opening to love on a deeper level, if we are able to face everything involved in a full way. Thanks:-) Lisa

    • mashappiness / Oct 17 2011 5:19 pm

      Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for popping in! In connection to your response I am thinking that patience is such a big factor. I adore your words, that our most difficult experiences hold a lesson with the possibility for opening to love on a deeper level… so true and so difficult! augh… but worth it, I am tempted to say. Thank you again for sharing such wise insight in connection to this post!

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