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December 27, 2011 / mashappiness

a path with heart

the new year is incredibly near. i have been in the midst of what feels like a whirlwind of life changes. i am not complaining, i am grateful. for so long i have wanted much to change in my life… and i am in the midst of it. before i go any further, i want to say thank You. i am deeply grateful. some of it has been difficult, much of it is delightful, and i so much want to continue in a way that brings me peace and harmony, well being and beauty.

with so many changes and transitions, i have not paused to think about the new year. i’ll do that now.  i pray for even more harmony, well being, happiness, love, community, sweet work and sweet home.

this year, 2011, has been filled with love and friendship, transitions, beauty and moving further along a path with heart.

during my writings today i began to understand that so often when things are going well, or when we’ve got something good, we are afraid to pause and have a look all around, as if the bubble of bliss will burst. i have prayed to have the fear that i experience that is not helpful dissolve, and it is, i have more courage to look at the blessings and goodness in my life. i pray for protection, love, harmony, health and beauty. i am excited and thankful for all that has transpired, i am asking not to go back and to keep moving forward in love and beauty and joy.

so wishes and dreams do come true. i am hoping for more and remembering that it is not the destination that matters so much as the journey…

i have to confess that last year during new year’s eve, i wanted to not be in nyc for new year’s eve 2011. having forgotten that wish, i have stumbled into to my wish as i will be celebrating new year’s eve in finland. with that said, new years eve can be pressure filled… the idea is to have a good time. i will rest and meditate on the idea that dreams do come true, i am thankful and wishing to keep moving forward in love!

happy new year to you dear reader!

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