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December 28, 2011 / mashappiness

new year wishes

in a gentle and sincere way… i’ll dare to name some of my dreams that i hope come true.

i can be shy and i can hide and i am beginning to understand that there is no need to hide, to come out and live my dreams…

  • write and publish a novel
  • write and publish a self improvement book
  • write and publish essays and poetry
  • i have dreamed of being a successful writer (not necessarily famous:)
  • and too…
  • a successful facilitator/teacher in workshops, seminars and classess on being well, happy and at peace.
  • a beautiful home of my home…
  • love and community
  • health and well being, most importantly!

dear reader, thank you for your presence, this before new year’s wishes… would you dare to share yours? here is a space of openness and love:)… happy coming new year to you!

…while writing this post i began too, to think of  the beauties of the year 2011, and all that has made me smile… i am grateful, i am thankful…

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