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January 7, 2012 / mashappiness

change your mind

i have been reading and some ideas are coming to me as a result… that is the idea of changing our minds. if there is something that we want and it seems to escape us, mostly, i am thinking, it is because there is something in us that is blocking it. if we can somehow remove these blocks, change our minds, and be open to these changes, then this creates a space for what we need to come in.

i am reminded of something i read some time ago. it is a story about a woman who wanted a job. she got up every morning and prepared herself as if she were going to work, she even would go out in the morning and drive to the place that she wanted to work. how strange it all seemed to me. and what i am learning now is that she was preparing her mind, body and soul to open up to this possibility. it soon did not feel strange or foreign to her, she began to believe in the possibilities… this created space for what is possible to enter, and too as fear was lessened.

it has been said to me, to live what i want to be. i have always liked this idea. some say, fake it until you make it. i do not mean in a dishonest or insincere way. what i mean is that we do and be what it is that we want for ourselves even if it feels awkward and strange… with time it will become more familiar and even more of a reality.Ā we live on into our dreams… we create space for our dreams to become reality. we change our minds and our way of thinking, dissolving blocks and fears…

i am thinking of this as i am feeling good. i want to continue to live on into some of that which is important for me in life… it is not that it does not exist for me, it is that i am to open myself up to it, to claim it…

i so often hear of people speak of the blessings in their lives, they have opened themselves up to these blessings and allowed them in… lovely really!


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  1. classiq / Jan 8 2012 10:04 am

    Beautiful words. We must believe in ourselves, in our dreams and be open to the opportunities that lie ahead. Happy New Year, Audrey! And thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. šŸ™‚

  2. mashappiness / Jan 9 2012 4:58 pm

    Hello Ada, Happy New Year to You! thanks so much for your insightful words… how wonderfully true. & too, visiting your blog is a pleasure…indeed!

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