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January 9, 2012 / mashappiness

planting seeds…

darling, there is an idea floating around in my mind this morning. it is the idea that, let’s try not to obsess about the stuff that bothers us. so often when something bothers us, or dare i even say haunts us, we tend to believe that we can think our way out of it, think of a solution. now i’m not talking about everyday problems and challenges where, thank goodness, if we think it over we can find a solution. i am talking about those nagging things in life that Β don’t seem to go away… the way we can obsess about the way we look, stay sad over relationships gone wrong, longing for a thing for years… you be the judge and see if it is something that you can think your way out of…

another approach is to put your mind on something else. you see, so often by obsessing about a thing, we call more of it in our lives. remember that saying… as a (wo)man thinketh, so is she? that which we think about manifests in our lives, and if it is something that we don’t want, try and find a solution. if one is not readily available, then let’s put our minds on that which we do want, that which we want more of… and i am thinking as we get more of what we do want, it so often pushes out that which we don’t want. as our lives and our hearts become filled with our wishes come true, there is so much less room in our hearts and minds for the stuff we want no more of.

there are some things that can’t wait, for instance, addressing health matters that need attention right away, that’s an example. but for the stuff that is not an emergency that we can’t seem to fix, or find a solution for, we can put our attention and energy on something more positive and beautiful… plant our seeds in other gardens, and watch our longed for and beautiful flowers blossom…

does this feel like it might make sense to you?


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  1. Ms. Geek Goddess / Jan 19 2012 12:46 pm

    Yes, this actually makes perfect sense! I started reading this some time ago and it really spoke to me on a day when I was not doing so well. It is really hard not to obsess over some things and there are things that haunt us, but as you said as a (wo)man thinketh so is she. I totally agree with the fact that if we focus on what it is that we do want with our lives. For example, my need to have more peace in my life helped me to push out the drama! πŸ™‚ You are also right in referring to life as flower gardens! That is what it is all about my friend! Love this post! πŸ™‚

  2. mashappiness / Feb 20 2012 8:20 pm

    Ms. Geek Goddess, so interesting how this post caught you on a day you were not feeling well. perfect timing! i too have to remind myself not to sink too low. we do have rough spots, the trick is how to navigate them until we are back on top… hmmm. we do have to keep words and friends and deeds of encouragement super near by…

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