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March 11, 2012 / mashappiness

On Love

When I was first out of university, I was perusing the bookshelf of someone I love and I borrowed a book by Dostoevsky. I had never heard of this writer, but the book of stories seemed interesting. When I returned the book, I said “this Dostoevsky guy is pretty good.” My friend said to me “that’s quite generous of you as he is considered one of the greatest writers ever.’ I was surprised, why had I never heard of him?

For the few who have never heard of Whitney Houston, I wish to say that she was one of the most beautiful singers. It is quite beautiful too, it seems that almost everyone who knew her said she was a kind and caring person. She did struggle with drug addiction, but having a weakness does not mean that a person should be demonized, instead I think more love and help is what’s needed, in my opinion.

It has been rumoured that Whitney Houston was buried with expensive diamonds. I don’t really care about the rumours. What has interested me in addition to her beautiful singing and the kind person so many say she was, is that all that has happened is a reminder of what so many of us know… all the money and fame does not mean as much as the world wants it to mean at the end of the day. What I mean to say is, so many of us, I know myself included, may judge our place in the world by how much money we have, or our level of success according to the world’s standards, when it does not matter as much as the world makes it out to be.

What is lasting and helpful is love and kindness, this is a far richer legacy that Whitney leaves to the people who knew her. Love and kindness will live on and effect the lives of the people who we know and love. Money is helpful in a multitude of ways when used in beneficial ways, but it is not the only important thing in life, it is not even the most important element… I think Whitney knew this by the love she shared. I think we know this too in who we love and what we love. I myself have to be reminded of this as I get down on myself sometime when I am not rich and famous in this American society. We so often can feel like we are not important in this kind of culture, and it is not true.

Love, kindness and beauty is what touches the heart in the most beneficial ways!

Lastly, I have a friend who’s mother unfortunately struggled with alcoholism for much of her life. I asked my friend how did she ‘turn out so well,’ as her mother was so often under the influence of alcohol. Her reply literally stopped me in my tracks… She simply said “My mother loves me.” She said it without any doubt and with all the power that love can do.

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