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March 26, 2012 / mashappiness

easy does it


“i” am working on a story. it is coming along… i confess that i want to get to finishing it. i am excited to see what it’s all about, but easy does it. it takes time. it seems i am to journey too, to see what will be. it is a beautiful experience. writers always tell aspiring writers to write every day. for so many years i could not get myself to do this. now that i am writing everyday, i see the incredible value in it. we have a chance with consistency. and too, we have a chance to build up a kind of momentum that ushers us to a place we might not be able to get to on our own. it’s a beautiful experience and sensation. it is like this too with all that we love, when we stay away too long, we are farther from it than we wish. when we can’t get to what we love everyday, do let’s get to it when we can… all the while dreaming and longing for it. i’m convinced dreaming and longing for what we love is beautiful too…

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