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March 27, 2012 / mashappiness

divine discontent…stretch

…“Divine Discontent” that would never settle for less than a ceaseless quest for the best.

…Quite often, the physical strain and mental tension that we experience come because, although we have the desire for something we need, we center our thought on lack and on the memory pattern of what that lack has meant and what it could mean to us, again. We are visualizing hardship and privation, instead of knowing that there is an All-Sufficiency of all things. Obviously, this knowing requires intent and profound prayer effort. Certainly, it’s not a wistful sort of saying, “Oh, everything is going to be all right.” It is an intensive belief that holds the Truth that stretches forward “to those things which are”—not may be or will be or wish they could be—but “which are before.” When we are tense about lack or distressed about seeming crisis in our life, we must stretch forward to believe that our good is certain, that it is on the way to us. A cup must be empty before it can be filled. When some disaster or crisis comes to us, when it seems that everything is lost, that can be the prelude to an increased awareness of Spirit, a demonstration of some new good. Dwell not on the empty cup, but on the assurance that the fulfillment is already on the way. This is not a passive sort of faith, but an intense stretching forward in faith and vision.

…But, when the Christ Idea comes into the consciousness of man, he finds an almost spontaneous relaxing of his human hold on life and things and people. He realizes, “I can of myself do nothing,” [John 5:30] but “I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me.”[Philippians 4:13, ASV] He firmly steps down from the vicious scurry-go-round of life in the marketplace with the realization that there is abundance for all, that there is a right and satisfying life of achievement for all who work for it. He works with diligence and with sincerity, but without strain and struggle, because he knows that no one can keep his good from him. And, like that statue of Thorvaldsen, his posture miraculously changes from the attitude of aggressive, commanding, to the expression of humbleness and service. In his consciousness, tempered by the inner poise and power of the Christ, the challenges of life are met, not at the expense of his resources, but at the expanse of them. His challenges become opportunities for growth and betterment. No matter what happens, all things work together for his good, because he believes, and steadfastly affirms, that they will. He is inalterably convinced of the continuity of good for him.

In the new posture, or attitude, there is the same strength of purpose, the same intense desire to progress, but it is a progress in being, rather than having, in giving, rather thangetting. It’s still a kind of tension, a mental and physical tone, but it’s the tension of stretching forward to things, which are before. Mind and heart strain, constantly, to hear and heed the Inner Voice of Guidance, as an awareness of the Christ indwelling that makes for poise and confident creative effort in outer expression, much as a fine watch makes for accurate and dependable timekeeping.

Whenever you hear or read the words, “Relax and let go,” don’t let them lull you into complacency and indifference, with the blindly optimistic attitude of “Don’t worry, everything is going to be all right.” Let the phrase be to you as a challenge to relax your outer resistance and stress, your willful and fearful efforts to progress, and to let the Inner Strength of the Christ be the driving force in your life. You may still need to work as hard as you ever did, you may still be faced with responsibilities that no one but you can shoulder, but you will not resist them or try to meet them in human consciousness and with human resources. You may still get all “wound up” over things you sincerely want to do or be, but you will carefully transfer that tension to the poise and power of the Christ Mind. You will “cast your burden on the Lord.” You will stretch forward to know…and to know yourself as the wonderful expression of God.

writings from eric butterworth


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