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March 28, 2012 / mashappiness

On Healing


Oprah has a new life class that began just this past Monday with the incredibly wonderful and insightful Iyanla Vanzant. One of the topics they focused on was healing pain within one’s life (here I am talking about emotional pain). 77% of the worldwide audience shared that they were in pain in their lives. That number is surprising to many of us. In life and in the past I have been in emotional pain. The pain, I suspect, stems from problems within my family, my shyness made it difficult for me to find my way in the world, and as I can be super sensitive, it seemed the ills in society would get to me incredibly deeply.

It took a long time for healing, many years. I prayed, I read books to help me psychologically, spiritually, creatively as well as indulged myself in works of art, talked extensively with friends, and I slept a lot. We are healing when we sleep. It has been my experience that healing does not necessarily come overnight, it takes time and it takes sincere and loving effort. But to emerge from it is worth it.

In our lives and in our hearts, for the big hurts and the small ones, if we can get with ourselves and hear what we need, and gently and with all the fear that comes with it, begin the journey towards healing, I do believe we will be helped and we will be guided and we will be comforted. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes listening to love…

Begin where one needs to, at the gym, the therapist, talking to a friend, taking long walks, painting, journaling, crying… begin… and know that you will be helped and it will take time and that’s okay.

I have a list here on my blog of a number of websites that are inspirational, intelligent and insightful. Please have a look at the links if you wish, and see if there is something that will be inspiring for you.

I share with you love!

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