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April 16, 2012 / mashappiness

quick fixes

what is it that brings you peace?

how is that as a way to begin a conversation:)? how profound and complex this question can be… while on the other hand it can be quite simple. i think sometimes the hard part is actually doing or being what it is that allows us to be at peace, naming what will get us there, especially in the privacy of our own hearts, quite often is super easy. but we get afraid, afraid of who will be hurt or upset or angry, afraid of what we will have to walk away from, afraid of what we will have to walk into (allowing love and success is scary too:)…

someones have mentioned a few times how they would like to have more peace in their lives, and i want to say a few things about that. but…

getting to more peace, being more peaceful takes time and effort, or even better, simply letting go. if you will allow me, i will get to this notion on a more profound level in a coming post. in the meantime… this morning as i am/was feeling a bit frazzled, i wanted to reach for what brings me relief. we’ll call it a quick fix, and sometimes we need that right? we girls (and guys should you grace this space with your presence) can use a nice cool glass of sparkling wine sometimes. some prefer a soothing steaming cup of tea, so good as it warms our cupped hands and heart too…

…for me sometimes, a sweet love story, i’ll choose a story of someone falling in love. lately i’ve even been reading twilight again, the first in the series… love the way he comes to her rescue. call me brainwashed, i’ll allow for a wee moment.

music helps. what are some of your favorite artists and songs? sarah mclachlan’s music soothes me. kisses and hugs work pretty well;), a new lipstick, a pretty dress…

these are temporary wonders that ease the heart. they can usher in a sense of calm when we most need it. i promise to write again on more lasting and profound ways of doing and being that bring a sense of calm and peace in our daily lives, and touch our being in lasting beneficial ways.

in the meantime… what are some of your lovely quick fixes for calming down?

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