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April 27, 2012 / mashappiness

keeping in shape… on the inside

i so often am interested and curious about many of the issues that are present in our daily lives. it ranges from current events, economics, politics, community, fun and love… this morning too i have been listening to some of the ideas of noam chomsky and naomi klein as they speak about some of the happenings in connection to globalization, economics, human rights and justice.

i do think it is important to educate ourselves in a quality way and too, to do all that we can in simply ‘doing the right thing.’ we do have a built in sense of what is truly of love, respect and honor, and that which is lacking of these elements.

with that said, i am thinking and wondering and perhaps even realising that we need to be well in spite of the situation that we may find ourselves in that may be lacking in love. i suppose it has something to do with having what we need inside, in spite of the troubles on the outside. this is important as we do not want to be at the mercy of that which is outside of ourselves. to have a kind of peace within, comfort and well being is an immense gift.

this i believe is a daily loving, respect and honoring of ourselves. it is sort of like keeping in shape; maybe a way of keeping in shape mentally, emotionally and spiritually. how do we do that? uff! that is the question right? what works for you? is it a morning prayer and meditation that gets your day started in a peaceful way? is it a morning run? perhaps it is snuggling with your sweetie before getting out of bed. lending a helping hand, time with the lightness and joy of children, study, excercize, journaling, nurturing community, healthy eating, enjoyable silence, going out with the girls or the guys, meaningful work…

these are all various doings and ways of being that are available, among others, that can help to nurture our hearts and minds and beings that build a real way of being in the world that is filled with contentment and feeling well and hopefully joy, that lends a sense of feeling well no matter what is going on outside of our hearts…

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