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July 13, 2012 / mashappiness

casual thoughts…

I was speaking with a dear friend the other day. we were talking about faith and having a relationship with God. We talked about how in life we can so often have a feeling that something, somethings are missing. There can be sadness and loneliness too. There is something lovely about how God keeps us company, comforts us and guides us. Sometimes these hints in direction are so still and quiet, we ourselves have to slow down and listen closely… with our hearts.

I am thinking while writing today, that it can be a nice feeling when it comes, when we are all alone with ourselves, lost in our doings, excercising our gifts, and it feels right. even if it is for a moment. the loneliness and sadness is at bay. We are lost and loving what we are doing and we can feel… love. as if the stars align for a moment… as best we can, we try to do that moment, be in that moment, and rest in love…


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  1. silver price / Jul 16 2012 3:05 pm

    Adding to the list… 1. the distinction between faith healing and, say, simply advocating that a patient maintain a positive attitude. I wouldn’t, but some might argue that the fact that there is such a close connection (apparently) between a positive outlook and a healthy immune system shows evidence of a “spiritual” connection, built-in. That needn’t imply the existence of a god, but it does become something of a challenge to explain where faith healing would be distinct from a doctor telling a patient that worrying about symptoms will only make them worse.

    • mashappiness / Jul 17 2012 5:35 pm

      Thank you for your gentle comments! Your perspective is something I had not considered, the link between a positive attitude and health. I like very much this idea and the connections. I’m happy you popped in and have given us really helpful and insightful perspectives… Thank you again:).

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