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July 16, 2012 / mashappiness


I try to read something inspirational on a daily bases. this morning as I am reading, I am learning about the idea of an education that teaches us how to address disappointment. This is something that I have not thought of before. Sure we learn and have our ways of dealing with disappointment, but a conscious education is a new idea for me. I think it is a great idea, as addressing disappointment is something that is instrinsic in life, it is quite natural.

It reminds me of something I read in The Merry Heart by the fine writer Robertson Davies. I believe it was while giving a commencement speech that he shared with the students some ideas that will help when life does not always go your way… as is natural. What a wonderful gift to share, ways that help to lift the heart, something that inspires. Beautiful!

One of the ideas he shared is reading poetry. This helps for me as it gets me to think about, or imagine, or even puts into words, wonders that exist that lifts us to a higher ground upon consideration.

Visiting the Metropolitan Museum does it for me as well. I love walking those gorgeous halls filled with some of the most beautiful art masterpieces. A walk in Central Park does wonders, as does a nice tasty cup of tea… Kisses and hugs are lovely and soothing, especially at night, to cuddle with someone you love, to get real close and lose yourself in love is quite magical…

Is there something you do as a conscious way to sooth disappointment?

How weird for me to even consider the idea, that if it were not for disapointments or irritations, then we could be slow to get to the goodies, the beauties, the lovely things that lifts our heart. The writer of the quote I’ll share below calls it Pearling, that thing that irritates… what can we do to transform it into something beautiful, very much like the way a pearl is created out of an irritation…

Here’s the quote that has me thinking…

Any education that prepares people only for success and not for coping with frustration and disappointment, merely succeeds in inhibiting a large number of students from attempting ventures where failure is a possibility, thus severely crippling their creativity and imagination. ~Eric Butterworth (daily inspirational message.)

I’m hoping your day today is not disappointing… but if for some reason it is, I hope there is something that you can do, or a way to be that soothes… “Mama says there’ll be days like this.”

Hugs to You:)!

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