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July 23, 2012 / mashappiness

on dating…

i am just wondering if the girls should try this… when i hear girls talking about having trouble finding a sweetie, a few things come to mind. of course it’s nice for us to pretty ourselves up. i think we enjoy this and we have fun wearing pretty things, and having our hair and nails done too. these things are fun and attractive as well.

i would like to add to the list a few things. so many books and things advise  girls to be unavailable, or make him laugh, or do nice things for him. i won’t mention here what mags like cosmo suggest the girls do… we make our own choices that best fit us; who we kiss and what and where we kiss, ahem…

but here is the key i think to getting your guy… develop yourself into who you are, sincerely and genuinely, without agenda. as you learn and grow and lose yourself in what you love… there is a beauty and attraction in this, and it’s fun too. the smart & good guys are attracted to interesting and kind girls. as you have so much inside to share, you will find that you have someone to talk to in your learning efforts, you will find someone to share with, and too, you will find someone to laugh with.

it is when she is doing her thing, that others will find her intriguing and attractive, and will want to get closer. but, do it for yourself, not for ulterior motives. it is a kind of ‘life is happening while you were doing other things’. if you happen to be browsing in a bookstore because you love books and reading, there you will find the guy who enjoys books and reading. if you are out dancing because you love dancing, with an open heart and clear thinking you will be able to connect with the guy who likes music and dancing.

and too, if one is interested in things in a materialistic kind of why, one will attract that kind of superficiality as well… so be careful of intentions.

lose yourself in you… that’s attractive and beautiful…

what do you think?

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