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July 30, 2012 / mashappiness

help from our friends…


I have been listening to some of the campaign speeches of those who wish to be president in the coming year. There has been said something that I find interesting in connection to work. It has been said that those who own their own business did not do it alone, they have had plenty of help. In connection to the work I do, I often feel alone, not in a pitiful way, but in a way that I truly have to be creative about keeping motivated, as there is no fixed time for me to write, and no enforced rules and regulations. This I enjoy.

Sometimes I feel alone in pushing that rock up the hill. I am thinking you know what I am talking about. I am sure there is much in life that you have done, or wish to do, and maybe you think, imagine, or wonder, how in the world are you going to accomplish it?

The idea of business owners not doing it alone is inspiring. Oh I know that there are many who would like to be proud and individualistic in what they have done ‘alone,’ but that would not be standing in truth.

Come to think of it, I so often think of my mother raising her children alone, and what a grand accomplishment that is. But as I am learning more, and certainly learning that it takes nothing away from the tremendous work she has done in raising us, she was not alone… thankfully! There were my grandparents who took us in when it seemed we had no place else to go after my parents split. There is my aunt who left only some days after her graduation to travel to New York City to help us, and she continues to be a guidance and help in our lives after all these years. We had neighbors, it was a community, we helped one another in a myriad of ways, not to mention encouraging one another, and holding one another’s dreams in our hearts. We had assistance from the government that helped us to eat. I remember when my mother found work, how thankful she was to find work she liked as well as thankful for the help we had when we needed it. I could go on… she did not do it alone. Thank God!

I had no idea that the idea that inspired this writing would seem so trivial when it comes to raising and feeding a family, but I’ll continue anyway:). As I love writing, and it has always been my dream to be a writer, I am learning that I am not alone in this ‘solitary’ work. There are friends, incredibly inspiring and encouraging friends, who ask about my writing, and that gives me a boost of energy to keep going. I have been told by fellow writers and friends as well, how much they enjoy my stories. At CVS there are people making a living and at the same time as a result of what they do I can buy paper to write on, pens, notebooks and printer ink. They even have potato chips and ice cream… my weakness snacks when I feel like treating myself to the snacks I love:). There is the post office that allows assignments and letters and packages to sail across seas, or rather fly across skies carrying my dreams in small packages…

We are not alone in our endeavors… you are not alone in your dreams and aspirations…

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