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August 20, 2012 / mashappiness

 If you wish to, or plan to vote, be sure all that you need is in order. There are new regulations in many places that require a state, or is it government (?) issued photo identification. Without it, in many places one will not be able to vote. I have my own opinions about government and politics and voting, as we all do… For or against what the deal is these days, I’m just saying if you plan to participate please be sure to have what is necessary. I did not know either that if one did not vote in 2010, it is possible that one may not still be registered, and will have to register again. I am conflicted about it all, but I will say that it is better than not having the ability to vote at all… Have a look here about what you might need to vote…

I do wish it said more specifically about identification. I think it has to be a picture, state or government issued ID. check on that as I am not sure… thanks to Marianne Williamson for sharing this website. Understanding that there are many who are fed up with the whole political deal and actions, but if you plan to vote don’t be put off by the hurdles that have been put in place. Take all the necessary precautions to exercise your right to vote. There are many still fighting for this right. Understanding also that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to bring about respect and right-relations and justice for all. Strides have been made in the past, and they can be made again.

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