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August 29, 2012 / mashappiness

sharing our gifts and abilities

A dear friend said to me about my writing and creativity, that there is something in the air. I feel it too. Our writings, our doings and ideas… are summoning an energy of beauty and love and peace. We want to fashion them, summon them from the spirit world into the material world. In a way we are almost there… that is, an entree into the material world with our stories… I can see the words that we place on page, spinning into print, into whole stories and books. We have our fun on this blog, where we can build a community, and it is my hope that it will serve as another resource and source of inspiration, as we journey to peace and harmony and well being. There is too, poetry and stories, essays and articles, teachings and workshops… and travel in connection.

That we will tap into our gifts and abilities and enjoy ourselves and enjoy one another. We are all the better for it…

Sonia Choquette continues to inspire. She shares these words… and you can connect with her here

“Breathe in and bless your beautiful spirit today. Bless your creativity, your contributions, and your connection to those you love and bring more joy to. You are a blessed bright light on the planet. Turn up your inner light and shine out today. We are blessed when you do.
all my love,

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