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November 20, 2012 / mashappiness

following your bliss?

i had an assignment for my writing class and i think it did something wonderful for me. you see, for a long time now i have been wanting to write a story with a hint of the luxurious connected to it. i managed to do that in my last writing assignment, and i think this is a great thing because i feel like i finally had a chance to do what i had been longing to do. that is, to create a lovely story full of prettiness and care. it seems this theme has been wanting to be expressed for a long time, in a myriad of manners, and i think this has been able to happen now. i wonder what it is within me that this idea has stayed with me. perhaps it is because it is so much of my life. as i have grown up with not a lot of things, how is it, that which is pretty and lush keeps finding its way back to me? i think it has to do with coming into a kind of awareness that it is very much a state of mind.

i am so often inspired by you doing your own thing, being yourself… it reminds me to follow my own bliss…



above photo from the incredibly interesting film atonement

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