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March 14, 2013 / mashappiness

I have decided what I want…

There is something that I am working on. If you will allow me to share it with you, it will be most helpful. You see, I am working on changing the location where I live. And I wish to create a beautiful new home for myself, with God’s help and guidance!

I have been wondering where to begin, and too, how to begin to make these changes. But Heaven has been sending sweet messages of guidance and encouragement. These sweet gems in in the form of poems and stories, gifts from friends who are unaware of my desired changes, yet encourage me and delight me in these surprising ways that are in connection. While I am reading, or studying, or working, sweet messages are scrawled across the page sharing ideas and surprising me with beauty… whispering to keep going and let’s have fun.

I just adore these magical hints. At first I thought to pay no attention, as it all could seem a bit coo coo. Not only is coo coo right up my alley, I have a special affection for it… I thought to indulge and pay attention. So I’ll share with you these sweeties as I journey to my new home. I hope you don’t mind, dear You!

This poem came to my attention…

I have decided what I want.

I shall listen to the voice within.

I believe

It is all-loving, all fulfilling.

I know

It is all-loving, all-fulfilling.

And it is exactly so.

My belief is my power.

My knowledge is my power.

I do the impossible because

My life of constant surrender

To the will of the Supreme

Has taught me how.


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