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March 14, 2013 / mashappiness

Notes on Humility and Power…

New lessons on Power…  Usually when I think of ‘Power,’ negative connotations come to mind. But in these new lessons on power, I am learning that the more we have the more we can share… this power coupled with humility can be nourishing for us all. The more we have, the more we can share for the expansion and nourishment of us all, together…

Below are some ideas from The Jewels of Happiness…


The Tree Bows Down

The divine definition of power is self-giving; conscious, constant, cheerful, soulful, unconditional self-giving. Possessing is a form of power and self-giving is a form of power. Possessing is the human definition of power and self-giving is the divine definition of power.

Whoever is in a position to give is stronger than one who receives. For example, the tree is in a position to give us fruits, leaves and everything. When the tree becomes great as a result of its possessions and achievements, the tree bows down. When it offers us all its capacity, it bows down. A tree is a radiant example of how power and humility can go together.

A humility-life
Is inwardly blessed
With power limitless.

Hundreds of Mangoes

A mango tree has hundreds of mangoes. When the tree bears fruit, at that time it could be very proud because everybody needs mangoes. But the tree does not become proud. On the contrary, it gives its wealth to us and we are nourished.

When we achieve something, our achievement is a form of power. But this power is not destructive. It is a power that feeds. When the tree bears fruit, it offers its wealth to mankind. This wealth we can call power. Whatever helps mankind undoubtedly is a form of power.

Humility means oneness with the rest of the world, whereas divine power is the power to give and become one. When we give, immediately we expand our consciousness. Again, on the strength of our humility, we become vast. Vastness itself is power.

When your foundation
Is humility-power,
Your life-edifice
Can defy measurement.

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