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March 18, 2013 / mashappiness

Home is where the heart is…

really luv?

they say faith without work doesn’t make a whole lot of sense… i am in the mode of moving to a new home. just not yet. the idea is in my mind and daily i am thinking of ways and means to make a move to my new home. i’ll be writing about it some more too.

a kind friend sent a message with some information about some of the places i would like to live. that was incredibly kind of her! i am thankful for our friends who… get us! friends who share in our heart’s wishes are a sweet gift.

i went to visit my family, yesterday, which is not always easy for me. but it was alright. it felt very much like ‘returning to the scene of the crime.’ that is, with a clearer head and heart, thank goodness, i was able to stand back objectively, without a broken heart, and see and hear and feel all the things that did break my heart and slow me in my tracks.

i tell you i am thankful for brighter days…

and when i think of where to live, ideas of of different cities come to mind; colours for interiors and lush plush blush furnishings. just as important as dreaming, some work has to be done so that’s what i’m up to. and, as writing is a part of me and my work in general, i thought to pause here and write a bit. it is always good for my heart to pop in and write a few words. thank you for your lovely presence!

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