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March 19, 2013 / mashappiness


i was around some ‘young people’ today, a tween and a teenager. i was surprised by how unsweet they are as people. i do know that it is a funny age, these things can change with time. but it just reminds me of the idea of being sweet and loving, and i am learning today… grateful.

i’m reading something and it speaks of the idea of being grateful. and even if the word ‘grateful’ does not come to mind, being sweet and appreciative is just about the same thing. i think in life, in general, if we are appreciative of the lovelies of the day… if we are sweet in our love and presence in life…

…this reminds me of the loveliness of flowers, how their beauty lifts our hears and warms our souls.

in our own particular way, we can be this in life. by sharing ourselves and our gifts in a loving manner, it sweetens the day, our lives, our inner selves, and those around us in the the most gorgeous way.

…these are just some thoughts i’m sharing on some lessons i’m learning…


You want to know

how to express your gratitude?

It is quite easy.

Just smile your soulful smile.

Your soulful smile

embodies gratitude

in its purest fragrance.


~sri chinmoy


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