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March 21, 2013 / mashappiness


if someone were to ask you why are you here, in the most loving manner, what would you say love?

i am thinking on this, this afternoon as i am doing some reading on the idea of self-transcendence. it is a term that, perhaps, i have heard before, but i have not given it much thought, and am not sure what it means.

it is an interesting idea, i am learning. the idea of taking steps, and with each step, we move closer to our perfect selves. i suspect we are already perfect in and of ourselves. the idea is to open that up inside ourselves first, and then have an expression of that in our outer lives. this gets to an idea of being well and content, at ease and at peace with ourselves, and ourselves in life.

those steps, are our own personal ways of being and doing who we really are in a myriad of manners… inside, physically, spiritually, professionally, personally, playfully, in all aspects of love…

with each step we take, or fall back on, the idea is in progression, step upon step, we move closer to who we truly are.

what might that be for you?

for me, i suspect it entails my writing, teaching, being with the ones i love, expressing myself freely and without limits. if it is true, it will result in love… true love. and that’s it. we are true love, we just are able to express it in a myriad of manners.

you love? what helps you to be you?

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