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April 11, 2013 / mashappiness

on love

my dear friend introduced to us, in our writing group, the idea of a new book she is writing. we loved it! it is smart and funny… and we are looking forward to more of it!

that’s the thing isn’t? let’s be about the stuff we love doing… it’s so good for our own hearts! and it’s good for our dear ones, known and unknown, we benefit from the fruits of our labour. i just love this… we think we are doing it for ourselves, and we are, and too, the sweeties in our midst are blessed as well… like the beauty of flowers, we ourselves take in the sweet scents of beauty, and all in the midst get to indulge as well. life is lovely this way…

the above book is something that came to mind, that i keep meaning to get to read… here’s a nice, thoughtful post on the book by Sasha

April 6, 2013 / mashappiness

In pursuit of silence

i have been, for quite some time, trying to get into the habit of exercising  it hasn’t been easy.  i am even more impressed with those who do have a nice habit of exercising as they have been able to do something that many of us have been struggling to do. but then again, somethings come easier to some than to others.

any-way, i went out early this morning to exercise  it’s a struggle to get myself up and out, but when i do, i find that i almost love it. it feels good to be moving, especially if there is some sun shining, this somehow makes it all so much easier.

i have so many ways of talking myself out of exercise and it so often works. it works most of the time. i tried it again this morning. but there was some noise about the house so i thought i might as well get up, and while i’m at it, get out and exercise.

it was a chilly morning, but it was beautiful and sunny out. i thought that once i get moving, i’ll warm up. it was nice too that this saturday morning, many people were not out yet, so the streets were empty and it was quiet.

i have been longing for quiet for a while now. during the week the guys are doing renovations here in the building. in town, in general, there is a lot of noise and much of it due to construction as it is a town that is fast becoming one of the places to be.

the noise gets to me. it disturbs me and unsettles me. i have been wanting quiet for a while now. there are these whispers about me about silence and quiet. i stumbled upon a nice book in the book store in the village called… in pursuit of silence. click on the title to get a review of it from the new york times. i read some of it, it looks pretty good.

on another note, it is most helpful. this idea of not only getting quiet for the benefits that it brings, as it is calming and eases stress and anxiety, but also it allows a space for us to be with ourselves, to see what we are thinking and feeling. allowing this to come to the surface let’s us have a look at our thoughts and feelings, and in a calm and more open minded way see what can bring about solutions.

also, if not more important, it allows a quiet calm place, and in this space ideas can come to us. we so often are used to speaking, voicing our wants and concerns, and thoughts and feelings, which is good. but allowing a space for ideas to come is essential to well being as well. much like, if not the same as meditation, in a more calm and quiet space we can be with these thoughts, and be open to the benefits that come with them…

i have found that these teachings have come at a good time, as i need to be reminded of the benefits of quiet and solitude, as well as meditation.

at the end of my exercise it was a pleasure to discover that there is a marathon in town. there is always something inspiring about marathons, the health benefits of running, the community the runners have with one another, and the idea of doing something difficult, demonstrating what is possible…

i’m happy the thoughts that came up that try to keep me from getting out and exercising didn’t win. tomorrow i’ll try my best again. that we can do the things that are beneficial for us; prayer and meditation, eating healthy, exercise,  sweet work, communing with loved ones… what else can we add to the list? what is it that you would like to get into the habit of, that would be good for you?

April 6, 2013 / mashappiness

gentle progress

When we are unable to work, we can work at the work of getting ready to work. Writers can lay in supplies of paper and enticing pens, notepads that plead “Please write on me.” Painters can prepare their canvases, clean their brushes, neaten their studio space. Potters can acquire a new lump of cool clay …

~julia cameron

April 3, 2013 / mashappiness

Hold On

the scents in the kitchen are different this morning. i am trying new tea and new biscuits. for some reason, my friend sara comes to mind as i adore meeting her for tea when i am in tampere. she shows me around to some of the loveliest cafes and parks, yoga studios and art doings. i appreciate her…

Easter has come and gone. i pray you have had a sweet springtime beginning… if not, the promise of Easter and Spring is real… hold on!

March 21, 2013 / mashappiness

The word ‘impossible’ is only in the mind

And not in the heart.

If you can remain in the heart,

There will be no end to our progress.

March 21, 2013 / mashappiness


if someone were to ask you why are you here, in the most loving manner, what would you say love?

i am thinking on this, this afternoon as i am doing some reading on the idea of self-transcendence. it is a term that, perhaps, i have heard before, but i have not given it much thought, and am not sure what it means.

it is an interesting idea, i am learning. the idea of taking steps, and with each step, we move closer to our perfect selves. i suspect we are already perfect in and of ourselves. the idea is to open that up inside ourselves first, and then have an expression of that in our outer lives. this gets to an idea of being well and content, at ease and at peace with ourselves, and ourselves in life.

those steps, are our own personal ways of being and doing who we really are in a myriad of manners… inside, physically, spiritually, professionally, personally, playfully, in all aspects of love…

with each step we take, or fall back on, the idea is in progression, step upon step, we move closer to who we truly are.

what might that be for you?

for me, i suspect it entails my writing, teaching, being with the ones i love, expressing myself freely and without limits. if it is true, it will result in love… true love. and that’s it. we are true love, we just are able to express it in a myriad of manners.

you love? what helps you to be you?

March 20, 2013 / mashappiness

Selt-Transcendence means


In every way.

~Sri Chinmoy